Social Media’s Looks

The BRI Institute’s Instagram display is designed with concepts and themes in accordance with PDB (Positioning Differentiation Brand), which is to equalize the background color of each content with the BRI Institute logo color, there is Blue, Orange and White as absolute colors in creating content on social media.

Instagram’s Look BRI Institute

In the corner of the Instagram profile description, I switch the instagram to Business Account which focused on College & University, then I put a Call Center number that can be contacted, so buyers don’t have to be difficult to find a number to be contacted next if their have any questions.

Then I put a link that can be accessed to find links on the Website, YouTube, New Student Admissions, and other social media that can be accessed by customer.

BRI Institute’s website managed by our web developer team, and designed in the best possible way. Stick to the same background colors, there are Blue, Orange and White to make it more consistent with BRI Institute’s PDB (Positioning Differentiation Brand).

Home Slider Motion — BRI Institute’s Website
New Admission Student — BRI Institute’s Website
News Letter — BRI Institute’s Website
Review Students — BRI Institute’s Website
Industries Colaboration — BRI Institute’s Website
Contact Us — BRI Institute’s Website

With BRI Institute website, I was assigned to handle the Website Dashboard to be able to update new news that will be displayed on the website. By maximizing use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

BRI Institute’s Youtube owned by me and managed by myself, with the aim of being a platform to share videos of activities at the BRI Institute.

Youtube Channel BRI Institute

BRI Institute’s Facebook used for information related to publications regarding the BRI Institute, as well as for managing advertisements on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Facebook BRI Institute

BRI Institute’s LinkedIn was created and managed by myself and part of the Human Resources team, used to provide important information regarding performance improvement, cooperation, and job vacancies.

LinkedIn BRI Institute

All of social media of BRI Institute, I managed all platforms, so I can manage 1 information that can be spread across several social media.

But from each social media, I can differentiate from the point of view of the target market, so that the delivery given must be in accordance with the target market in each social media.




Digital Marketing Specialist — Content Strategy, Social Media Ads, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and Copywriting.

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Mutiara Aulia Wibowo

Mutiara Aulia Wibowo

Digital Marketing Specialist — Content Strategy, Social Media Ads, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and Copywriting.

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